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I hate having to wait until 8:30.


Do you ever win?

Michael: Daddy, can you come wipe my butt?
Me: What? No. Why?
Him: I wiped, like, 7 times and there's still poop.
Me: Well, flush and keep wiping.
Him: Daddy?
Me: What?
Him: I clogged the toilet.



We have landed on a comet!


I think it's crazy to blame Spotify and its users (aka: her fans) for not properly compensating everyone involved in the creative process. Her record label takes the biggest chunk of her sales/spins/streams while Spotify isn't profitable yet. In fact, the record label has made more than the artist forever, regardless of where the sales come from.

Taylor Swift Explains Why She Knew Spotify Was Trouble | TechCrunch


I just got a notification that this has been viewed over 1000 times! Michael as Super Why:


"Extra hour of sleep my ass" -everyone with young kid .


Written by Tim Cook about Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, "I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me."
Bravo sir!

Tim Cook: "I'm Proud to be Gay" - Businessweek


I posted about this a few days ago warning that they won't do a good job of protecting users' sensitive information. Guess what happened?!

Retailer-Backed Apple Pay Rival CurrentC Has Been Hacked, Testers’ Email Addresses Stolen | TechCrunch